WSC Rafting

WSC Main Event – the day, where we, the WEN family leave all our work’s nics and nacs (praise, criticize, headbangs, discussions (of course related to projects), …) behind the office gate and break out just to RELAX !!!.

So this time, we went for Rafting in Trishuli, we named the event: WSC Rafting. We had lot of good moments but some unfortunate events as well. Like the one you can see below in the pictures and most shockingly, it didn’t happened once or twice but thrice in a single trip or should say one way trip to the resort. Can you believe it? A hat-trick in a single trip? Hell yeah, it happened to us….

After series of some fortunate and unfortunate events, we were able to reach our destination at 10:00 PM. It was little too late to start anything or follow the itineraries as planned but we all the team made sure that we had good time out of it. Despite reaching the resort late and with tired soul, we did managed time for Barbeque, Swimming Pool fun and had merry time with co-workers who needed to break out from the mundane life/routine. It was a great night. There were music, some danced even. We even found out who’s better singer among ourselves. Some still think they are good, may be Nepali Idol is a good platform. ?
We party’d till dawn and Legend says some fellow co-workers are still partying there…


We all had little hangover the next day. That was inevitable. So we reluctantly and slowly started our day with breakfast. Then we had a small group discussions and there we were ready for the RAFTING ( Ok this is as loud as I can go here).

So it all started with some safety briefing from our Soaltee– the guide (Manoj Gurung). He is one hell of vet. So, you better listen to him when he is briefing otherwise you will end up in the water, clueless.

And then the fun started in a snap of the finger. Lady Delight, Twins Rock and Landslides are the rapids, you might have heard if you’ve went there, that hit us the most.

Yes, it is inevitable to stay all abort in the raft all the time. Of Course, someone has to fall from the raft to be remembered for that particular event, right? And so, we got that someone. No, we are not naming that someone. But, we know you are smiling.

The rafting relieved us from all our mis-fortunate events that we witnessed yesterday and it was awe… wait for it…. some.

After some 25 kms of rafting and approximately 4hrs, our mesmerizing adventure was sadly ended. We felt like it was too soon but hey who are we to resist the ending of good things. So, we went back to the resort to regroup to return to our homeland. That said, that was the end of our main event WSC Rafting. And who is ever gonna forget that bus movie “Carreng Gang” which made our trip hilarious than it already was.
Just in case you are wondering what WSC means then it’s WEN SOCIAL CLUB, which is an outstanding club formed by Web Experts Nepal with the sole purpose to promote and engage co-workers in various team building activities and recreations, in order to ensure proper communication, trust and leadership among the co-workers all while having fun.

After all, all work and no play makes Jack a …. !!